Length of Program: 4 Years                        Category: Science of Traffic &Transport

       To provide advanced marine mechanical and electric engineers who can meet the national and international requirements for high-level seafarers.
 Learning outcomes
      Students should study the basic theories of mechanical engineering and electric engineering including mechanical design, electric design, maintenance, repair and control of the ship’s power plant. In terms of practical training, various marine engineering related training such as marine engineering test, mechanical machining training, and electric techniques training are also provided.
      After successfully finished all the courses, students should be able to:
1. have the basic knowledge regarding social science, environment protection and professional ethic
2. master the fundamental scientific theories and knowledge of marine engineering
3. process the systematic professional knowledge such as international regulations, marine safety management.
4. obtain a good practical ability and necessary skills on marine engineering management.
5. have a good command of English, pass the exam of CET-4 (College English Test )
6. have a strong ability in computer application, information acquisition and treating.
7. know the latest technologies and trends of shipping industry.
8. have the strong adaptability to working environment, not only working as a marine engineer but also some other shipping related works for instance the ship surveyor.
     Discipline and major courses
     Belong to the discipline of Transport Engineering.
     Major courses: Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat transfer, Fluid Dynamics, Mechanical Engineering, Basic Mechanical Design, Marine Engineering Materials, Electronic Circuits and Technology, Promoting the ship's main power plant, Management of Marine power plant, Marine Electrical Systems, Engine Maintenance and Repair, Ship Management, Auxiliary machineries, Marine Automation, and etc.
     Navigation Training, Metal Technology Training, Electrical Technology Training, Marine engine Operation and Disassemble Experiments, Engine Simulator training, Engine room automation experiments
     Bachelor of Engineering