Merchant Marine College (MMC) is established in 1959, and is one of the colleges of Shanghai Maritime University (SMU), engaging in particularly Maritime Education and Training (MET) degree programs and researches. It consists of Navigation technology department, Marine engineering department, Engineering Research Center of Shipping Simulation (certified by the Ministry of Education), Navigation Science Research Institute, Sino-French Join Research Institute “Galileo & Maritime ITS for Safe Seas”, International Maritime Research Center and SMU-DNV International Cooperation Center.

       MMC offers 3 doctorate programs in Delivery Means Utilization Engineering, Transportation Information Engineering & Control and Marine Engineering, 6 master programs, i.e, Delivery Means Utilization Engineering, Marine Engineering, Transportation information Engineering, Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering, Ship & Ocean Engineering and Transportation Engineering. The MMC covers 3 bachelor programs in Navigation, Marine Engineering and Heat Energy & Power Engineering. Delivery Means Utilization Engineering is a key specialty sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal government while Marine Engineering is a discipline supported by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

  Students in BSc programs will receive a four-year comprehensive MET program and will be awarded after graduation with a bachelor degree as well as a license permit for the competency of third officer or fourth engineer onboard. Currently, there are totally about 2,300 students and about 137 professional teaching staff in the MMC. 

       MMC uses various facilities for MET day-to-day activities, experiments and researches, such as Seamanship training workshop, Safety Training Center, ECDIS simulator, Integrated Bridge System, Bridge ship-handling simulator, Navigational Instruments, Marine Engineering Simulators, Marine Main Engine Lab, Marine Auxiliary Machinery Lab, Marine Electric and Automatic Lab, Electrical and electronic engineering center and SMU-Costamare Engine Room Integrated Lab. The MMC is also responsible for the construction of special training facilities and new training ships, which are to be ready between 2012-2013.

       MMC is under the monitoring of quality assurance system, which is accredited by both DNV and Chinese Maritime Safety Administration. In addition to this, the quality of maritime students is also forged by the efforts of the college in developing students’ maritime professionalism and disciplines.