Chen Bao zhong

  Male, born in 1950, Changle City, Fujian Province, Master's degree, a professor of marine engineering disciplines. Graduated in the marine engineering department, Shanghai Maritime University in 1977 and stayed on to work so far. During 1978 to 1980 studied at Shanghai Jiaotong University and study at the Dalian Maritime University in 1984-1985. Mainly engaged in teaching and research work on Higher Maritime Education over the years, and the main research directions were modern marine engineering management, safety of the ship management, marine engineering energy-saving technologies.

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Chen Weijiong

Chen Weijiong, born in Jiangsu, China in November 1957. Serves as Professor, Master Marine, Ph.D supervisor of Merchant Marine College, School of Marine Environment & Engineering of Shanghai Maritime University (SMU). Academic leader of Discipline of Safety Science and Engineering.

       Director of the Sci-tech Novelty Retrieval Workstation (G12) of Ministry of Education, China. Director of Science and Technology Information Institute, Librarian of SMU. Member of the University Academic Committee, the University Degree Assessment Committee.

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Fang Quangen

Professor Fang Quangen was born in 1950, graduated from Department of Navigation at Shanghai Maritime University in 1976, has become a teacher at this university in same year. Joined a Nautical Teacher’s Professional Training Course at Southampton Maritime Center, UK in 1985. Finished post-graduate course of Maritime Education and Training (Nautical) in 1991 at World Maritime University in Sweden. Before promoted to a professor in 1999, used to work as deputy dean of Navigation Department, vice director of Office of Academic Affairs and director of Foreign Affairs Office of the University,. Stayed at Liverpool John Moores University, UK in 2003 to participate in research projects of Maritime Safety and Risk Management by National Ministry of Education as a senior visiting professor.

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Hu Qinyou

Hu Qinyou, Male, Born in 1974, Ph.D, Professor, Director of Navigation Department, Merchant Marine College, Shanghai Maritime University, and he is also the director of Intelligent Maritime Lab.

He got his bachelor degree on Nautical Science from Shanghai Maritime University in 1995, and got his master degree on Marine Traffic Information Engineering and Controling from thesame university in 1999. He was given the title of Ph.D of computer science by Fudan university in 2003. In 2005, He had worked in Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) for half year as a post-doctor. In 2010, he got his Professor title.

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Hu Shenping

       Hu Shenping , born in 1974, has a Ph D degree and is a Professor with Shanghai Maritime University. He was rewarded his Bachelor degree of navigation technology from the same University in 1996, and has been teaching there ever since his graduation. He received his Ph D degree of Marine Engineering from the Merchant Marine department of the same university in April, 2010. His major research area includes marine engineering and maritime safety project; he has been dedicated to teaching and researching in the fields of maritime accident analysis and risk management.

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Hu Yihuai

Hu Yihuai , Male, 48 years old. He got his Ph. D in Wuhan University of Technology in 1993. He worked as a post doctorial researcher in Huazhong University of Science and Technology for over two years and got his associate professor title there. In 2006 he worked as a visiting scholarship in the New South Wales University in Australia.

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Hu Zhiwu

Hu Zhiwu,born in February 1971, from ShuangFeng City, Hunan Province, full-time postgraduate student, is a professor with Ph.D. as a postgraduate student supervisor. He is the general secretary of Party Committee for the Organs of Shanghai Maritime University concurrently with the title of deputy director of the headmaster's office and the quality management office, vice chairman of the Young Teachers Association of Shanghai Maritime University, and a member of China Marine Expert Committee.

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Jiang Guohe

Jiang Guohe, male, born in December 1963, Ph.D., professor and Ph.D. supervisor. Graduated from Harbin Engineering University in 1983, bachelor degree;Graduated from Harbin Engineering University in 1989, master degree; Graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2005, doctor degree. The member of CHINESE SOCIETY FOR INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES, THE CHINESE SOCIETY OF NAVAL ARCHITECTS AND MARINE ENGINEERS,Chinese Society For Vibration Engineering. Research areas are marine power mechanical vibration, shock and noise control, marine power plant fault diagnosis technology, marine power plant design and simulation, diesel engine emission control technology research.

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QIU Wenchang

       QIU Wenchang, male, born in 1957, is a professor of Merchant Marine College of SMU. He was graduated from undergraduate courses majoring in navigation technology of SMU in 1982 and graduated from master courses studying on shipping engineering management of SMU in 1990.

       He is giving many lectures to the college, principally on:

       1. Marine Cargo Operation,

       2. Basic Ship Theory,

       3. Introduction to Navigation, and

       4. Theory of Ship and Freight Transport.

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Shi Chaojian

Shi Chaojian: Professor of Nautical Science at Shanghai Maritime University. He was graduated from Shanghai Maritime University in 1982 and joined Advanced Nautical Studies Program at California Maritime Academy, California State University from 1986-1987. His teaching and research fields involve navigation technology, ship intelligence, and machine vision.

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Sun Wenzhe

Born in November 1962, professor, master. Graduated from Xian Jiaotong University in 1983,1998 was promoted professor in Nuclear Industry Southwest Institute of Physical(SWIP). 1983 to 2001 serviced in SWIP, was the director of mechanical and electrical technology institute of SWIP, master tutors, the member of senior professional title evaluation committee, the member of the experts committee of 1st technical committee of Chinese Association of Refrigeration (CAR), the member of the experts committee of Sichuan Association of Rare Earth Industry. 2001 to 2006 serviced in Shuangliang air conditioning co., LTD. was the director of National Technology Center, the director of enterprise postdoctoral workstation, the enterprise postdoctoral tutor.

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Xiao Yingjie

XIAO Yingjie, professor, Captain, Ph.D supervisor, dean of Merchant Marine College of Shanghai Maritime University. Prof XIAO also serves as director of the Engineering Research Center of Simulation Technology of the Ministry of Education and director of Marine Science Institute of Shanghai Maritime University.  Born in 1959 in Shanghai, Prof XIAO graduated with Bachelor’s degree in navigation technology in January 1982 from Shanghai Maritime University, and later with Master’s degree from the same university.  

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Wang Zhiming

Wang Zhiming

Position: Professor, Captain, Merchant Marine College, SMU


Bachelor’s degree (Navigation Technology), Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) (1990)

Master's degree (Traffic and Transportation Engineering), Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) (2000)

Office: No.A313, Merchant Marine College

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 021-38282937

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Wu huiguo

        Huiguo Wu, male, from Fenghua,Zhejiang,born in Shanghai in September, 1953, professor of Merchant Maritime College in Shanghai Maritime University ,supervisor of postgraduates, former vice-President of Merchant Maritime College in Shanghai Maritime University.

  In 1977,graduated from Shanghai Maritime College and stayed as a teacher since then, mainly lectured to undergraduates, postgraduates and classes of crew training on Navigation ,Navigational Mathematics, Navigation Introduction and so on.

        After getting the Class A Captain Certificate in 1991,having ever taken the position of Ship’s Master for many well-known ship companies abroad.

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You Qinghua

You Qinghua, Male, born in Jiangsu Province, China in 1953, Professor, Senior Captain, Master Tutor, Member of China Vocational Education Steering Committee Marine Branch, Principal of Vocational School affiliated to Shanghai Maritime University, Director of You Qinghua & Liu Rui Professional Teacher Training Base of Pudong  District. Prof. You graduated with Bachelor’s degree in navigation technology in January 1982 from Navigation Department, Shanghai Maritime University, and later with Master’s degree from the same university.

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Zhang Qiurong

Zhang Qiurong, born on March 8th, 1966 in Jiangshan, Zhejiang Province, is a professor of Shanghai Maritime University and a part-time lawyer. He graduated from World Maritime University with a master degree in Engineering. He has been in charge of the academic affairs as the director of that department in Shanghai Maritime University. His professional fields include Maritime Analysis and Processing, Maritime Management and Marine Environment Protection, etc. His research area focuses on ship collision prevention, ship maneuvering and marine environment protection.

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Zhang Xuelai

Position: Professor of Energy and Power Engineering, Marine Engineering
Chairman of power engineering and engineering thermophysics
Director of thermal energy and power engineering committee
Director of energy engineering and automation committee 
Division: Division of Thermal Energy and Power Engineering

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